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In Brief

About me: Digital marketing, communications and public relations professional. Health and wellness nerd. Crafting compelling images, telling great stories, always looking for adventures. I live for the moments when it all comes together.

Events & Activations

I've been a part of an experimental arts and media collective and charity, active in arts/culture festivals, parades, street theater and unique underground events, for over 10 years. Need to plan a uniquely themed event for 1000 of your closest friends? I can help.


FIGMENT is a not-for-profit arts organization. It's a forum for interactive creativity by emerging artists across disciplines. As an Outreach liaison & New Media Curator I help select & promote unique interactive installations and workshops. Want to get involved?
From The Blog

A tiny trick to save hours of time hunting for the right stock photo

Recently a friend asked in frustration: How and where can I search for good “background” stock photos – you know, stock photos that have a significant amount of space that is just “empty”? Whether you’re designing a presentation or print ad, this question comes up all the time. I’ve spent countless frustrated graphic design hours […]

How to Fail at Instagram: McDonald’s

McDonald’s recently attempted to appeal to millennials with a bunch of ads featuring some bacon covered sandwich. The ads clumsily attempted to use slangy phrases (“That glow tho”), other ads used soccer references to appear relevant and friendly. They were all roundly mocked, and they deserved it, but not for the reason that AdWeek suggests. […]

Rent the Runway goes Netflix

Brilliant! “The New York-based company, backed by $54.4 million in venture funding, caters to what chief executive Jennifer Hyman calls the “woman 2.0,” a customer who values experiences over possessions. In the case of clothing, this woman is willing to rent a designer dress for one night because she’s smart enough to know it’s not […]

Ninja Inspiration

Watching Kacy Catanzaro complete the American Ninja Warrior finals obstacle course would be inspiring no matter what, but finding out that she’s even smaller and shorter than me makes it that much sweeter to see her rock it! What a great reminder to never let size or stature get between you and your fitness dreams.

Productivity & new tricks

I read a lot of articles about productivity and how to work smarter. I’m a little bit addicted to productivity blogs. I don’t usually read these hoping to find some magic piece of information that will change my life, though, because I think a lot of the tips in productivity blogs and books are restatements […]