Work with me

Short version:

I write and create stuff that helps you build your brand and delight your customers.

Longer version:

I consult on strategic planning and development of content marketing, research, public relations, marketing and brand strategy for agencies, entrepreneurs, and early-stage teams. I bring over 10 years of experience in B2C and B2B marketing, branding and content design.

Each consulting project is customized to fit your needs. When we work together, I help you: 1) clarify what makes you unique, 2) understand your customers, and 3) create marketing and sales content that has the greatest impact for your business goals.

Want to discuss a custom project or learn more about how I can help? Send me an email and let’s talk.


Brand & Creative Services:

  • Content strategy: workshops, planning, documentation
  • Content writing: blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, websites
  • Social media audits and strategy
  • Landing pages: writing, layout, audits
  • Print, collateral and presentations: writing and design
  • Publications: editing, layout, and design
  • Product: Content writing and microcopy
  • Competitive analysis and strategic planning

What clients say

Professionalism + Creativity

Irene worked with me to design the entire image of my company, from my logo and color scheme to my website. Throughout the entire process, she demonstrated a perfect balance of professionalism and creativity.  …In the midst of the difficult process of starting my own business, Irene provided invaluable assistance. Working with her was a delight. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Rebecca F.
Owner/Designer, Ever+Ever

Just awesome!

Working with Irene is just awesome. In our video consultations with clients, she brings incredible energy along with her expertise, and she presents marketing concepts in an “aha” manner that people grasp, enjoy, and appreciate. It is largely thanks to Irene that a client recently described this “downside”: they can’t get enough of us. I feel similarly: I hope to work with Irene a lot more, too.

Curtiss H.
CEO, marketing agency

Wonderful colleague and leader

Irene was a wonderful colleague and leader for our budding team, and I worked closely with her on the visual design and communications for marketing all of our wellness programs. She was unfailingly organized and clear in her communications, and consistently emanated calm, positive energy. Her leadership style is generous and humble, forward-thinking and creative, always kind and very smart.

Maya L.
Designer, writer and editor

Couldn’t ask for more

She is hard working; she is creative; she is flexible; she is a good manager; she is efficient; she is timely; and she is a team player.

Jerry G.
Partner, Anderson Kill & Olick, PC

Creativity and passion

Irene’s efforts are dwarfed only by her creativity and passion, and that passion allows her to take an idea from the germination stage, swiftly growing it towards a full execution of her vision. Irene is able to combine raw energy and drive with the necessary pragmatism — a rare find across many levels.

Dave S.
CEO, founder at lynQ

Creative visionary

Irene is creative visionary and a delight to work with. We collaborated for many years on the management of an arts collective and a wide variety of themed events where she has always been a respected leader. As an event planner and producer, Irene is well organized, no-drama and a strong communicator always leaving a good impression on venue staff and guests. As an artist, Irene has many skills including graphic and fashion design with a keen ability to mix beauty and humor like few others I know. Irene is a superstar.

Jim G.
Principal, startup and Founder, arts collective

A master in her field

Irene is professional, creative, and a master in her field. I will always return to her for advice on marketing campaigns.

Daniel C.
Manager, Launchpad Digital Health

Highest recommendation

Irene possesses a unique eye, artistic flair and creativity that brought my ideas to life. I was constantly astonished by her ability to translate bland text or power points into beautiful and impactful marketing and sales pieces. She can take the ordinary and make it extraordinary, creating an emotional connection with the reader and truly making an impact. An incredibly generous collaborator. Irene comes with my highest recommendation.

Anne P.
EVP, Enterprise Solutions, Digital health company