Columbia Startup Demo Night in San Francisco

Last month in San Francisco, the Columbia Venture Community hosted our biggest event of the year: the 4th Annual Startup Demo Night. Attendees heard and saw startup demos from a varied roster of talented founders, and enjoyed an open bar, food, and great networking. This event is a lot of fun every year and in my opinion, they keep getting better. I always meet interesting people and learn something new.

To help attendees get to know the presenting founders beforehand, I created a series of Q&A profiles, highlighting the multidimensional work these teams are doing. Read on to learn about the founders of AptonomyVoga Coffee, Artery, Avoma, and Nano Hydrophobics.

Artery Creates Unique Cultural Experiences

Artery co-founders Salimah Ebrahim and Vladic Ravich envision a more connected world. Yet, as technology improves, it often feels like we become less connected from each other—and meaningful cultural and social experiences feel harder and harder to find. They built Artery as a platform for what they call the next frontier of the sharing economy: culture. [Read the Q&A]

Avoma Uses AI and NLP to Give Busy Sales Teams Their Time Back

Avoma is an artificial intelligence startup founded with the goal of solving the persistent inefficiencies of endless “administrivia” for executives and sales professionals. The company offers an “intelligent meeting assistant” that automatically records meetings and pulls relevant action items and topics from them, promising to save sales teams hours of productive time by banishing repetitive tasks and eliminating the need for multiple administrative tools. [Read the Q&A]

The Future of Coffee, with Joshua Avins, co-founder of Voga Coffee

The team behind beverage startup Voga Coffee claim to have done something that should get every caffeine connoisseur’s attention: “solved the brewing of coffee.” They do it via a proprietary new brewing system for coffee (and tea) that they call Ground Control. [Read the Q&A]

Tiny Bots From Nano Hydrophobics Have Huge Potential For Climate Impact

Peter H. Boyd is not your typical Silicon Valley startup founder. He co-founded Nano Hydrophobics after already having worked a long and successful career. With Nano, he’s introducing a brand new type of surface coating for industrial uses, aimed at improving material surfaces. The potential impact of something just 500 nanometers thick (.5% the thickness of a sheet of paper) is huge in terms of reduced energy waste and CO2 emissions. [Read the Q&A]

Aptonomy Uses Drones to Reinforce the Weakest Link in Security Operations

Over the past few years, many industries have come to rely on drones to patrol places that humans can’t easily reach, or scan areas too large for humans to reasonably cover. In this way, enterprises have adopted the use of drones to increase efficiency and improve security. Understandably, a new wave of startups have emerged to fill this niche. One such company is Aptonomy, offering drone security services that use artificial intelligence to automate the system. [Read the Q&A]

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