Juneau, AK

I recently returned home from my first-ever visit to Juneau, Alaska. Though it wasn’t an optimal time of year to visit, it was the time I had available, so I decided to go for it. I was eager to see my friend Katy (whose bravery in totally rebooting her life in a new place I admire so much) and to see some glaciers and Northern lights. Lucky for me, I got everything I wanted –  close-up views of Mendenhall Glacier, a beautiful night sky light show, some refreshing hiking in the rain, and I even caught a glimpse of a moose. I’ll return one of these years in August, when the bears and salmon do.

Mendenhall lake and mist. Sometimes, as a photographer, you just get really, really lucky.

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Saint Martin Memories, Learning To Dive, and How To Help Now

I have a new guest post up on BlissyLife.com. BlissyLife is a marketing and media group created by and for adventure travelers and digital nomads, seeking to share tips and stories about living our most fabulous, most mobile lives. Check it out below or see the original post here.

There I am! This shot was taken by one of my new diving buddies on one of my very first dives in SXM.

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SF Spring

san francisco street

I was so taken with this beautiful, green Spring scene yesterday, walking down Noe Street. Sometimes San Francisco sneaks these little fairy tale moments in where you aren’t expecting them, and I’m so grateful for them.