3 things that kids and families love about FIGMENT

I published a series of posts over at the FIGMENT Oakland blog. Here’s the first one. This post is a look at why FIGMENT is such a perfect event for families and kids to attend together. You can read it below, or check out the original post over here.

What kind of experiences come to mind when you hear the words “art show” or “art event”?

Did you picture a stark gallery with white walls or a museum filled with precious objects that you aren’t allowed to go near or touch? Maybe a concert or performance where you have to sit still in a chair and you aren’t allowed to talk?

Let’s face it, what most of us think of as the usual “art experience” just isn’t very kid-friendly.

At FIGMENT, we aim to change that.

We think that’s a big part of why kids and families love FIGMENT! We encourage families to attend with children of all ages. We think it’s the perfect place for the whole family: It’s purposefully inclusive, cost-free and totally interactive.

Making giant bubbles at FIGMENT

1. FIGMENT is radically inclusive

While many arts-related events are aimed at adults (often adults with a certain level of traditional education), FIGMENT aims to be inclusive to people of all ages and backgrounds. That means as few barriers to entry as we can manage, and an especially welcoming atmosphere for children. From a demographic perspective, our artists and our audience are as diverse as our cities are, and we are dedicated to keeping it that way.

2. FIGMENT is totally FREE…and totally AD-FREE

There aren’t enough places where you can find a whole day of creative entertainment for zero cost! While many theater and museum tickets are prohibitively expensive, FIGMENT is committed to producing events and exhibitions at no charge for artists and participants.

We think it’s especially valuable to present opportunities for us all to play, learn and interact in an environment totally free from advertising and consumerism. The experiences you and your kids have with art and other creators at FIGMENT is rooted in fun and community – not mediated by sales pitches and marketing.

3. FIGMENT encourages participation

Young people and families have flocked to FIGMENT in part because (unlike at most museums or galleries) they are actively encouraged to touch and play with everything! Part of the FIGMENT ethos is that education comes from engagement, and there are so many ways to engage.

Engagement in art can be a wonderful way for adults and families to bond as well. We often hear adults say that they “feel like kids again” after a day spent playfully exploring creative projects at FIGMENT. Perhaps the joy of discovery at FIGMENT might inspire some more creativity at home all year long!

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